Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Good Ship Therrien

Recap coming shortly.

But I wanted to dedicate a post to the actual Penguins, being that this is a Pens blog.
So many times coaches get blamed for stuff when things go wrong, and they don't get enough credit when things go right.
Think of what Michel Therrien is dealing with. He has the second youngest team in hockey. He has Sidney Crosby Superstar, and Geno Malkin superstar is waiting. He has a young goalie, and a somewhat previously maligned defense. The guy is the perfect coach right now for the following three reasons:

1. He is decisive. Sometimes, coaches over simplify. And they over-coach themselves. I am still on the fence whether I like Malkin and Crosby on the same line for the long haul. But you know what. I have to respect what Therrien did. He said I have two players that compliment each other way better than anyone thought. I am going to make you beat them. I love it. Like it or not, he made the decision to do it, and never let it become a distraction. Its just smart coaching.

2. His handling of Fleury I thought has been wonderful. After sharing verbal barbs with Adam over this subject, I finally got him to concede I was right. And I may not be, but my opinion is, play Fleury as much as you can. Especially in division games. Now I am sure he will get a rest on the west coast trip, but nonetheless play the guy. The kid is in the top shape of his life, he's young. Play him. You can't play musical goaltenders. Your team needs to know who the number 1 goalie is. and if you remember the 2001-02 NHL season, José Théodore won the Hart trophy... guess who was his coach. Yep.

3.Look Therrien can be a dick. But I believe he is somewhat of a players coach. He goes to bat for his players, and he his honest. Right now you can tell the players want to play for him. And he may be mellowing enough that he is actually cracking smiles at points.

Michel Therrien is running a good ship right now

One can't help but think, that if Michel Therrien was driving the Exxon Valdez, things could have been different


shmoopz said...

i have a big crush on therrien.........

Adam said...

nuh uh. you better be a girl.

Derek said...

Talking to Adam today on the phone and having him concede to my agruements on fluery was like when Politicans call their opponent to concede. Good times.. I am now lifetime 32-100 in agruements against him.

dennis said...

Also gotta give props to the coaching staff for communicating w/ Malkin. Gonch isn't always there to translate but they seem to be doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

"It's like mans against boys."

Great quote by Therien

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