Monday, October 30, 2006

" Gone with the NHL"

So look what I found... you can watch live NHL games on Yahoo. Truly good times. Right now I am watching the Kings smoke the Rangers.

Also from Yahoo: great article here.
This guy picks the best players, by their numbers.
some Penguins notables, as you could imagine:
66. Mario
68. Jagr
87. Crosby

I thought Joey Mullen should've got considered for being one of the best to wear number 7.
Looking at this list is just good times..

85. Petr Klima. hahahahha
96 Tomas Holmstrom ... You have to give this to Pavel Bure, I know he changed it, but Tomas Holmstrom sucks.

Some more great links. We blasted John Buccigross for over-doing it, but this is an emotional column.

Speaking of the Arena... Sometimes I just feel like banging my head off the Computer screen

Ed Rendell couldn't help build a Lego Arena, let alone one for Pittsburgh.

I love the move by Shero keeping Staal up. Here's some love from Kevin Stevens with this quote:
"The first time I saw him in camp, I didn't know if this kid could ever play," Stevens said. "I didn't recognize what everybody thought was so great about him. But every time I see him play he gets better and better. Now, I can see he's a phenomenal player. It's amazing when you look at the young players this team has."

Now around the NHL..

The Flyers won... the Blackhawks are reeling

The Ducks beat the St. Louis Blues in a shootout..No word if John Davidson will go back to being Mr. Belvedere

If you didn't watch Mr. Belvedere back in the day you're lying to yourself

The Leafs beat the Thrashers...

Mike Peca...your thoughts:
"I find (skilled) teams with the makeup like Atlanta .. want nights off from time to time," said veteran Leafs forward Michael Peca. "It was our goal to drive up the tempo and energy and give them a reason to not want to engage in this game."

What a Dick.

That's it and that's all folks.. see you at center ice


Rory said...

Petr Klima - was he basing these rankings off of one weekend of playing NHL '93?

dennis said...

95 Aleksey Morozov

Got to meet him once, never liked him since. Was he really this good? Or just the only decent player to wear this number?

And #84 cheated, hes the only one who has ever worn it. Stupid mofo, I could wear it and be better than that guy.

Alex said...

Yahoo has been showing live games since the beginning of the year.

And Kevin Stevens didn't notice anything special about Staal during training camp because he was drunk the entire time.

Derek said...

I had no idea Yahoo was doing that.

And I beleive Stevens was... umm let the St. Louis Hooker quote this for me.

" A crack monster"

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