Tuesday, October 24, 2006

El Diablo!

The Pensblog has learned that David Puddy will be in attendance tonight when the Penguins take on the New Jersey Devils.

"Gotta support the team."

You painted your face?
Yeah, that's right.

Puddy later learned the error of his ways and embarked in body painting.

This brought into fruition the idea of going to a Penguins game with 3 friends, painting P, E, N, and S on our chests. But, we all know there'd be some wise-guy who paints an I on his chest just to get a good laugh. And funny it would be.

Lets Go Pens. First place on the line tonight.


dennis said...

and also a chance for he whole league to see crosby and malkin make magic

Adam said...

i was glad when i heard Fleury was gettin the nod tonight.

We can lose, but I hope we don't lay an egg out there.

dennis said...

By the way, anyone know the name of the PA announcer at Mellon Arena or what thet hell he looks like? Me and some friends were wondering this...we also voted him best PA announcer of the three major Burgh teams

Adam said...

John Barbaro is his name...I'm spelling that phonetically.

Can't find a pic.

dennis said...

Ok thanks for the info...I figured wikipedia would have something. Ihey have an article for basically EVERYTHING.

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"El Diablo!"
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