Saturday, September 30, 2006

Funny story before I get to the links...

I watched SportsCenter last night. Not one mention of hockey.

FSN Nightly tonight drove me over the edge. High school football highlights...before even mentioning the Pens.

So what did I do? I pranked the host Paul Alexander.

Anyone who was watching, I was Derek from Mckeesport (I am not from Mckeesport. I just couldn't think of anything.)

So yea I started talking about the Steelers, and then in mid-sentence starting talking about the Penguins.

Alexander was stunned. Get used to it, Pittsburgh Media. There will be a prank call everyday to any Pittsburgh radio or TV talk show from now until the Pens start getting more play.

Tomorrow's victim will be the nightly sports call, so get ready.

Anyways some links:

The Post Gazette- Why does it seem that the Post Gazette has it out for Marc Andre Fluery?

Give the guy a friggin chance.... its the damn preseason. Good word On Malkin though

(Free Shelly Anderson)

Did the Penguins not sign Fleury in the offseason? Was that a dream? Why sign him, if he's not going to be a starter? This would be a bizarre move on the part of Ray Shero.

The Trib- Is also jumping on MAF... If they seriously send MAF down, I hope he kills someone.

Read the SI story on Crosby and AO if you get a chance. I am just excited that SI mentioned hockey.

Crosby talks about them being like Bird and Magic in the NBA... Hopefully neither of them gets ....HIV

(The Magic man forgot to wrap up the Magic Stick)

Also before I check out,
the Black and Gold insider thinks the Pens are going to send Welch down. I refuse to link this moron, but here's what else he wrote...

** has also learned that before the start of the season, Ray Shero will attempt to acquire a right-handed shooting center that is a strong on faceoffs. Keep an eye on the waiver-wire.

Bull. Ok we will keep an eye on the waiver wire. Is it going to do tricks? I honestly hate this guy...

To the defense argument, The Pensblog thinks the BG insider sucks. No way they send Welch down.

Gonchar- Eaton

Orpik - Whitney

Those are no question... although Whitney is mud

Kristopher Letang - I like him, right handed shot

Josef Melichar** - He could die, and I would feel nothing

Rob Scuderi** - Couldn't start on my Dek Hockey Team

Eric Cairns (injured) - Not a bad player, veteran

How does Noah Welch not make the team? Is your best defenseman (Gonchar) THAT much better than Welch? What's the spectrum on this?

If I have a chance to get Welch some NHL experience and get rid of a horrible player in Scuderi, I am going to do it.

We are going to find alot out about Shero in the next few days.... and by the looks of things, it might not be that great.


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