Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Sum Of All Fears

The air was crisp.

This was the night.
This was our night.
For those of us who have rode the highs and lows of the Malkin roller coaster this summer, this was the descent, the way back down on the Steel Phantom. Instead, it turned into the day some lady was killed by the Whip at Kennywood.
All day...check that: More like 2 YEARS, we waited. Then 62 seconds into the second period….
For a moment I thought I was watching Travis Roy.
I thought of Kevin Stevens breaking every bone in his face against the Islanders in the '93 playoffs.
I felt the pain of Graves on Mario. I felt Volek score that damn goal again.
I saw Craig Patrick pumping his fist somewhere.
I saw Jagr leaving all over again, and Kovy right behind.
I saw a weight machine falling on Marty Straka.
I saw Robert Dome getting drafted.
I saw nothing but bad things.
As Paul Steigerwald pointed out:
“This really took the fun out of it.”
I still like Mike Lange better.
But now we know Malkin will be fine. But for a moment, we all thought it was just another step back.
Are the Penguins cursed?
Does Ray Shero look like John Mark Karr?

I don’t know either, and quite frankly I am scared.


Greg said...

First! (Only took three years)

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"The Sum Of All Fears"
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