Friday, September 15, 2006

1 Win. 9 Losses. 3 Ties. 4.46 Goals Against Average. .876 Save Percentage. Wipe the vomit off of your Marc-Andre Fleury jersey and we'll move on.

The one victory was the glorious Crosby-shootout-water bottle-Theodore's vas deferens is on Center Avenue game. (Video below)

Possibly Thibault's worst game was also the Penguins' worst game of the entire 2005-2006 season: the December 8, 2005 balltap given to us by the Minnesota Wild...AT the Mellon.
The Wild scored a minute into the game. The Pens had 11 shots through two periods. One of THOSE games. That game also brings to mind the Dany Sabourin Columbus Massacre of 1/11/06. Forget scoring a minute into the game. How about 10 seconds?

Anyway, here's hoping that Jocelyn Thibault resembles a backbone in net this year.


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