Sunday, September 17, 2006

USA Today Sabres Uniform Article

This news slipped somewhat under the radar, but the Buffalo Sabres are going to be sporting new uniforms for 2006-07.
They are dismissing the red and black color scheme with the logo that no NHL fan could get used to(Buffalo Goats?), and using a hybrid of the red and black scheme and the original blue and gold uniforms. I always liked that original logo.
Buffalo Sabres fans are signing petitions, saying the new logo looks like a toupee. Some fans have even resorted to boycotting the team for one year. One fan, however, expressed her loyalty by saying that "the uniforms could be a pile of dog doo" and it wouldn't matter to her. (Here's some concept logo designs by Sabres fans.)
All I know is that I didn't boycott the Pens when they came out with the pigeon logo in 92-93.

I don't know how you can hold your head up high when you look like a piece of crap.


gayuh said...

""It Looks Like A Slug; A Toupee. A Bandana On Steroids.""
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