Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Enemies of the State

I was attempting to call Mark Madden's stupid show (ESPN Radio 1250) today to talk about Malkin, and dispute some things hanging around the internet (like people worried about the Penguins rushing Malkin back to action) when the guy answering the phone said we aren't talking about the Penguins.

I love how Mark Madden acts like he has everyone in the Penguins organization in his back pocket and that the Pens are his passion, but then he won't accept phone calls about them when he's talking about the Steelers.

So after he got done pretending to know football, a caller asked him about the chances of Kristopher Letang making the team (apparently now they were talking hockey).

Madden's response: "The people I talked to with the Pens said he isn't ready."

Thanks, Mark, for that incredible insight. You know so much.

If Madden knew so much, wouldn't he be able to make his own opinion about Letang?
Instead he has to name drop. Thats gay.

Anyway, another new enemy of mine is the Black and Gold Insider. He claims to have inside sources within the Panthers, Steelers, Pirates and Penguins organizations. Yes. All of them. My left nut.
I won't link it because his site sucks.

The only black and gold thing that this guy is inside:

(Wow. If he drove that cab, the Insider would have a REAL job.)

Well I feel better now..
Here's tomorrows headlines from
the Post Gazette - Good read on Dominic Moore. But is it just me or is Dave Molinari trying to make the Penguins look gay this year? Yesterday's threesome comment, and now today's story with homosexual overtones to Dominic Moore and Noah Welch.

The Trib- Good read on Mark Eaton....who, by the way, will be the best defenseman for the Pens this year.

Good night and Good luck


pensfan said...

Madden was dead-on in his claim that the Pens were going to sign Kovalev last season...all those great inside sources coming through once again.

Bert said...

Nothing Madden says is worth listening to. Thank god for XM, I no longer have to listen to him.

Love your blog, you guys make me laugh everyday.

Adam said...

Haha. We took a risk posting this, knowing that Madden's fans support him in a border-line fellatio kind of way.
Thanks for reading the blog guys.
As early faithful readers, send us a Pens rant or two in an e-mail. We'll post them.

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