Thursday, September 21, 2006

Donations start today !

We will be collecting donations starting right now for Mr. Malkin. Its official. The fear that was so eloquently poeticized in a previous post has come to fruition: Evgeni Malkin has dislocated his shoulder. In what could only be described as icing on the cake for the continuing struggle of seeing Malkin play in a Penguins uniform has some now raising doubts on the Penguins' ability to do much this coming season. A dislocated shoulder is nothing to laugh at. Here is a quote from regarding a dislocated shoulder...

"Studies show that about 50% of people who have dislocated their shoulder once will dislocate their shoulder again. The risk of a second dislocation is much higher in people who are very young when they dislocate their shoulder for the first time. For instance, one study showed that 90% of people who were between the ages of 11 and 20 when they dislocated their shoulder for the first time had their shoulder come out of joint again. Because the risk of recurrence cannot be eliminated with physical therapy, treatments vary for different groups of people. Very competitive athletes,soldiers, and construction workers who work at high heights are often offered an operation after their first dislocated shoulder. People who do not do these kinds of activities are usually treated without an operation"

Yeah, John Leclair is definitely crapping his pants right about now!


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"Donations start today !"
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