Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Skippy = Mud

The Jobbing Tour Bus is ready to roll.

This time, we didn't have to travel far. Just to our comments.

It was less than a week ago that we posted Don K. Show's "hey this would be funny" idea of a WWGRD wristband.

If this is chillin' in the rack at a checkout lane in Wal-Mart for $2, we would all buy 10 of them without thinking twice.

After it piqued the interest of many in commentorblog, we thought,
"Hey, this could work. Let's stop for a second, figure out how to do this, because we've never done something like this before, and then present our idea to everyone."

It took commenter Skippy and his entrepreneurial spirit less than 24 hours to hodgepodge something together real quick.

Skippy44 said...
WWGRD? Wristbands are now available on ebay!
See link below!

eBay page link

10/11/2007 12:50 AM

Can't blame him.
These wristbands are a solid idea.

On the original eBay page, Skippy referenced Pensblog with an "as seen on Pensblog" message.
That was nice of him.
That message is long-gone now.

And then came our post on Friday, the 12th.
Count with us on how many things we said that didn't come true.
  • We'll be using eBay to sell these. ( Nope )
  • Other than the initial purchases, no pre-orders will be taken. ( Nope )
  • We won't post the wristbands for sale on eBay until they are in our hand. ( Nope )
  • We reiterate: A limit of 10 per person. ( True )
  • You WILL get one. ( True )
We found out that doing this through PayPal would be easiest.
We said that people could place pre-orders in order to help us pay the initial cost.
When a lot of people started sending in small orders,
we realized, "hey, there's interest. Let's do mass pre-orders."

Our main concern with worrying about pre-orders was wondering whether or not we would take it up the butt financially if we rushed into all of this (and we hope Skippy isn't coming to terms with that realization right now).

We then held a vote between two wristband designs, and you, the buyers and wearers, had the chance to pick which one was better (or which was the lesser of two evils).

If there's one part of this whole thing that we screwed up on,
it may have been in picking the design.
It was a double-edged sword because it was highly unlikely that everyone who came here would touch themselves over a design.
To make things smoother, we ran our favorite lettering and design against a subtle version of Skippy's.
We did what we could with what the wristband company gave us.

We thought all-black would be a subtle attention grabber, especially with Vegas Gold lettering.
And black goes with anything you would want to wear.


When most of the votes had been tallied and we saw which one was going to win,
we sent the wristband-purchasing process into motion.

In response to people asking where Skippy was during this entire process,
another comment came on Monday evening:

Skippy44 said...
Thats right, I have been silent for some time watching and seeing what is said...

1. BRETT is not me in disguise. I don't even know who he is, and he jobs me as much as you do.

2. Skippy is my on air name I have had for 6 years doing talk radio down south

3. You are hypocrites for claiming to not do pre-orders when you ask people to email you now to place an order and your product just was sent into production today if I read that correctly.

4. MY product is on Ebay and is 2.50 with free shipping and no minimum or maximum quantities.

eBay page link

10/15/2007 10:11 PM


We aren't hypocrites.
It was the simple factor of everything changing when an anonymous investor, who wants to be known as Ted DiBiase, offered to cover the initial purchase for us.

It allowed us to go for broke.

Skippy and Pensblog could have joined forces.
E-mails were shared.
But no dice.

We've let Skippy solicit commentorblog with links to something he's selling...twice.
And we've linked it twice in this very post.
We'll link it every day. We don't care.


Note: Once our first batch of bracelets is sold, there will be no maximum on purchases.
We wanted to set a maximum number of wristbands on this batch to assure everyone got one as soon as they could.

When you sit back and realize that this whole thing started on October 10, and that people will be receiving their wristbands during the last week of October, that's pretty insane.
Thanks to everyone for your interest in all of this.

Go Pens.


snoopyjode said...

well said. i laughed until i cried. bravo, gentlemen!!!

luvnmypens said...

You only forgot to mention that skippy wanted to rob us blind charging $5 per bracelet.

canaanregulatesblog said...

::giggles:: at the physics-bending urine

Ashley said...

pensblog staff - they tell it like it is

wilsmith said...

can you teach me how to piss like that?

greenrin said...

Thank God this 4 days between games crap is almost over!

Staff said...

hahah that is some solid urine.

Hutch said...

Skippy's design was mud anyway and like luvmypens said he wanted to rape people for $5, tool. I loved the idea of the WWGRD when it was first mentioned, but i honestly wouldn't have worn skippy's garbage on my arm. Solid black is cash.

Ashley said...

Funny how Skippy's wristbands were $5 and now, as if by MAGIC, they are $2.50. It's a SALE!! A 1/2 off sale at Skippy's! Too bad I already bought my wristband for less than Skippy's sale price..

The Hebrew Hammer said...

I don't know when people will learn, don't fuck with the pensblog...

In other news NHL Network is launching tonight on Comcast, WOOT!

Anonymous said...

Biggest mistake ever made by any business, large or small: rushing production before determining what the customer wants.

In this case, no one in commentorblog wanted to be seen with a two-toned wristband (or at least would publicly own up to it). Skippy's lack of market research may have resulted in him owning 490 black and gold bracelets.

Social/Economic Darwinism in action.

gerenal rob said...

the subway sandwich of the game goes to the pensblog staff for that post

Lloyd said...

In regard to the gravity defying piss...

Pissing into the wind is generally a bad idea

J.S. said...

and I thought he had reason for charging $5 per bracelet. Whatev.

Anonymous said...

Last time I saw Skippys bracelets are down to 238... so that is way over half of 500....

-- Mark

Brett said...

I'm offended yinz think I am Skippy. The only thing worse is if you thought I was Paul Steigerwald hangin out on here to get scoop. Geesh.

Must say that I did buy my wristband from Skippy... we shall see what the quality is... I'm looking forward to it.

See ya at the game on Friday... oh yeah, that's right, most of ya sit at home. Some fans... Hahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever think for a moment that maybe Skippy charged so much money in the beginning was maybe he was going to donate the money somewhere? I've seen him get the beat down without anyone ever asking point blank if he was making a profit. I dunno I used to respect you all but I think you all make your own conclusions and make them fact. Do we really know that it was all about the money? Make yourselves look good by any means necessary, pass off your opinion as fact then have everyone jump on your bandwagon. Not that you would lose any sleep over it, but I am placing my order for his wristbands.

Staff said...


Thanks for the worst comment of the day.
What are you even saying man.
Are you going to makeout with Skippy after you get his wristbands?

BluffTalk said...

Who do I make my check out to? I am ordering from ThePensBlog staff, who is doing this for all the right reasons.

GordyHowitzer said...

Solid post, staff.

Oh, and I do appreciate the canaan blog regulating, but I must be honest: A guy "::giggling::" comes of as a bit gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

And I'm seriously not trying to flame you, canaan. I'm just saying that if a hot chick with the username like 'Busty&InnocentBecki0069" ::giggled:: I could accept it more.

But hey, to each his own.

Lana said...

Staff -
I can go to bed with a smile now.

J.S. said...


No, it wasn't a thought and it still isn't a thought. He was trying to job the people in c-blog. If you look back at his original comments, he bitched about eBay listing fees, shipping fees and the like after I called him out for "the 500% markup". So yes, to answer your question, not only did I call him out, Jode also called his bluff by saying he was a ripoff. There was no mention of charity, and not that he should have to provide a piechart as to what he plans on doing with the profit, but nothing was mentioned about a donation of any sort. You would think they might have been, esp after Jode mentioned that TPB was making no profit and if there was profit, it would be donated.

I don't want to seem like I'm coming off the wrong way, but you may want to reread that day's posting before making a group judgement. I know there's more to it, and there's others who could give a more in-depth background, but I'm posting what was seen on commentatorblog.

I guess we now know how Skippy sold his 12 bands. Meh, whatever.

Nick said...


In response to your senseless post, you do realize that your whining, complaining and whatever else you're attempting (I got confused by your 3rd grade grammar) is exactly what the Pensblog is looking for. Thank you for making this the best hockey blog on the internet. Or the 8th best hockey blog on the internet. Whatever.


Staff said...

We jobbed Skippy because he came on here and called us hypocrites, when our main goal all along was to get the wristbands out to people as close to cost as possible.

We weren't gonna spend X amount of our own money and jack up prices for charity and end up not breaking even.

We wanted to get the wristband idea in motion, and giving to charity was an afterthought.

We're guessing after PayPal fees, packaging, postage, printing address labels, and spending a morning at Kinkos, we may have $200 profit.

And judging by demand, that money will go towards more wristbands.

People have given us extra money for charity, and that will be sure to go to a charity.


Staff said...

And not to mention Nikki and Skippy.

We don't come to Walmart and tell you how to stock the shelves.

There is alot of people, cough cough Snoop and Ted D who are working hard on this.

So really,f off


William of Loxley said...

Staff, Snoop, Ted D, and every other regular... you are all MONEY!

Clean up in isle 4..

Adrienne said...

clutch post.

Erica said...

Did Skippy ask "Don K. Show" if he could go all entrepreneur with HIS idea? That's why I think Skippy doesn't deserve a penny in the 1st place. This was a commentorblog idea. So Skippy should have run any ideas through commentorblog.

Real classy, Skippy.

Loser Chris said...

Why does Ted D get all the love? What about Virgil?!?!

canaanregulatesblog said...

gordy...thanks for pwning me... and now im having gender issues.... and thinking about changing my name to "Busty&InnocentBecki0069"

flame on, i don't mind. i think it's funny. it takes a real "kenny" to get me fired up.

The Seeker said...

Bottom Line: Skippy blew it when he failed to get in contact with the actual people who's idea it was in the first place. A simple post or email saying he was willing to make it a reality quickly BEFORE just doing it would have been all it would've taken. Don't ya think they at least deserved the courtesy of being put in the loop before you flew with it solo?

It takes some massive stones to simply go ahead with someone else's piece of intellectual property.

GordyHowitzer said...

Hahah. Thanks for taking it as it was intended, canaan: good-natured fun.

Regarding it taking a "real" He-who-shall-not-be-named... is there a chance that he is in fact still 'around'? I've noticed some similarities in one poster in particular. Either way, that poster is not really jobbing anymore, so if it is him, maybe he learned his lesson.

Yes, I'm rambling.

canaanregulatesblog said...

voldemort, gordy?


Malkinian said...

If you wanna get a hold of Skippy, just ask the Pensblog staff because they have his number.

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