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MAF Supporters

What you have here is a double edged sword. You need to keep winning to stay in good playoff position (and in the playoffs period). I would suggest starting out giving fleury a spot start or 2, perhaps in back to back situations. This will allow him to ease back into NHL caliber games (no offense baby penguins). If he looks sharp, and does well in practice, you begin to give him the majority of the starts. The fact is Fleury is still young, and maturing his game. He will begin to become a better puckhandler as he gets more experience in the NHL game. Also fleury is a FA at the end of the year too I believe, so you have to decide if the penguins will commit to him.
Also in the playoffs, we need to continue getting Fleury experience. This team will only continue to get better over the coming years, and Fleury is a key piece of that I believe. So you gradually easy him back to starting the majority of games assuming he plays well and doesn't have any injury setbacks. Conklin isn't the goalie of the future, but if needed he has been/can continue to be the goalie of now.


I'm not sure if this is for or against either goalie, but since i got pwned on Cblog today, i'm not sure if it matters anyway.
I think that the two of them will force each other to play well. I know that the AHL is the AHL, but from all accounts, MAF's been playing extremely well, and it sounds like he's been active stick handling the puck. However, Conk should probably be the guy unless something happens -coming down to earth, illness, (God-forbid)an injury. At the same time, you shouldn't be losing your job to injury. MAF is a No. 1 overall pick and should probably be treated as one, since he's done really nothing to lose favor with anyone in the Organization. I'm glad that i'm not a Pens HQ having to make these decisions- you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. Either way, they got to get a No. 1 before the play offs begin and i think there's plenty of time for that to happen.
Really looking forward to reaing this post. Sorry my thoughts were so scatter-brained.
Cblogger Stokes

Though Conklin has undeniably been playing very well, this current Penguins coaching staff under Therrien has gone out of their way to try and take the starting job away from Fleury at every given chance. If you need proof, remember that Sabu got a huge opportunity to compete for the starting job early in the year, even after MAF got 40 wins last year and Sabu had 2 for his entire NHL career. MAF is a restricted free agent at the end of this year and if we don't show that the organization has faith in him, there is no reason for him to want to stay. Fleury deserves the chance to take the number 1 spot, after all in a year do you really expect Conklin to be our starting goalie? That would mean after 10 years of consistent mediocrity he has finally turned the corner. It would make a great story but it's a huge long shot, and it's not a chance we should be willing to take when we have such an otherwise talented and promising team. That being said, Conklin completely saved the season. Conk Block City baby!!! LUKE

Judge Pensblog Charlie must rule in favor of both the plaintiff and defendant (there's nothing he likes more than making two guys happy at once anyways...). Conklin and Fleury should be splitting games nearly evenly from this point on, with both on a very tight leash. Legal precedent comes in the form of the 2007-2008 Detroit Red Wings. Hasek has played 30 games to Osgood's 33. They are both well rested and thriving in their situation. Also, while defendant Conkblock is on fire right now, we must remember that MAF is the future of the Pens. A 31-year old journey-man may be doing well right now, but he's still a 31-year old journey-man. If the Pens do it right, Conklin and Fleury should both get ample starting time until one of them clearly distinguishes himself as the guy most likely to bring the Pens a Stanley Cup this spring.



Conklin has contributed all he can to this Penguin team. It's time to
turn the rains over to Fleury. Conklin put together an impressive
streak, but that's all it was, a streak. If this team is to go far in
the playoffs, they can't have a guy who when last called upon in a
playoff pressure situation coughed up a goal that could be argued to
be the series turning point ('06 Stanley Cup finals game1). In last
years playoffs, with an inexperienced team in front of him, Fleury did
quite well for himself. One could even argue that he stole game 2
(their only win). In any case, Fleury is the future in net for this
organization, thus he should have restored to him that which was only
taken away by injury.



f Fleury is the plaintiff, then the title of the post should be Fleury v Conklin, not Conklin vs. Fleury.
Fleury needs to file a motion for summary judgment and skip the trial process all together, because he is the rightful starting goaltender and there is no factual dispute . But seeing as how Justice Charlie likes to dress in robes and be controlling over french-canadian boys, the trial will inevitably happen. As counsel for Fleury, I must contend that no man should lose his job because of injury. It is a well known canon within the hockey world and should apply here. Fleury is the goalie of the Pittsburgh Penguins and a person whom we have invested considerable money and resources into. While the work of Conklin has been tremendous, it is not sufficient to deny the Penguins' goalie his job. I feel retarded typing like this and will leave my submission at that.




Jason said...

The thing that makes the situation so irritating is that people are under this misapprehension that things MUST be black and white, when that isn't the case.

People on Conk's side talk about rebound control and inability to play the puck. Well why haven't these same people been chastising Conk for MULTIPLE goals coming off of horrid plays with the puck OR the huge juicy rebounds that Conk coughed up (i.e. first goal against FLA).

However, I also hate the whole "you shouldn't lose your job to an injury." While perhaps that is a noble/moral notion, it has no place in sports which is a "what have you done for me lately" industry. More important than that is the simple fact that if you take Conk out of play AS SOON AS MAF is ready to roll, you will upset the locker room. They aren't just on Conk's side, but it is going to put people off to see a guy play great for the most part during trying times, then cast aside just because...

It doesn't need to be one or the other though, and though I realize I'm "splitting the baby" on this one, I feel that both parties can draft a compromise order.

In it, when MAF returns to the big club, send Sabu down (if we lose him, we lose him) so that the two main horses get the most reps in practice and Sabu doesn't get in the way. Over the course of 2-3 weeks, rotate MAF and Conk to determine who is still playing the best. After you pick your pony, ride him heading into the playoffs with the other guy taking spot duty to give him a rest. Play your guy in the playoffs, and make a change only if "your guy" stinks up the joint.

This policy rewards Conk for all he's done by giving him the opportunity to be "the starter," but at the same time, works MAF in and gives him the opportunity to EARN his job back.

Note: A similar strategy was employed by Acid Queen's squad in 2005, and oh yeah...they won it all. Just sayin'

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